R. Lee Snelgrove

Francis City Mayor

I am writing this letter of support of Dwayne Vance in his desire to serve in a city council position.

I have been associated with Mr. Vance for several years. During that time I have served as a City Council member and Mayor for Francis City. Mr. Vance was serving as city attorney. He was a great help to advising the city in important matters. He has a great ability to be able to look at both sides of an issue before determining the best action to be taken. I have observed him listening to citizens about their concerns, and then acting on them as needed.

I would recommend Mr. Vance as a man with integrity, honesty, and a great desire to act in the best interest of the City. He would be a great council member for your city.

"I have worked with Dwayne for several years, and each time he has shown that he does what is correct and fair.  Wasatch Constables, and myself endorse Dwayne Vance for Millcreek City Council."

—Rob Kolkman, Wasatch Constables—


In addition to many volunteer activities, I have significant leadership experience with a number of non-profit organizations, including the following.

  • Park City Bar Association

​        President & Board Member

  • J. Reuben Clark Law School Alumni Association

​        Board Member

  • Park City Film Series

​        President & Board Member

  • Park City Creative Group

​        Board Member

  • Cottonwood Creek Park Owners Association

​​        President & Board Member

  • Boy Scouts of America

            District Advancement Committee Member
            Assistant District Commissioner
            Unit Commissioner
            Chartered Organization Representative
            Venture Scout Advisor
            Varsity Scout Advisor
            Boy Scout Advisor

  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

            First Counselor to Three Bishops
            Stake High Council Member
            Stake Young Men's President
            Ward Young Men's President
            Ward Mission Leader

I was also a founding partner in the law firm of Miller Vance & Thompson, and currently own and operate my own law firm—Vance Law.
I believe I have the leadership skills necessary to make a positive contribution on the Millcreek City Council and our city as a whole.

Additional Endorsements of Dwayne Vance for Millcreek City Council District 2.







Thomas C. Davis

Because of the serious nature of the voting public having to select one of several candidates and because of my more than 20 years serving on Community Councils, Running for Office and otherwise serving the Millcreek Community, I offer the following:

Dwayne Vance is a candidate in whom I have confidence and a personal knowledge of his abilities and past service.  Dwayne has lived in our Millcreek Community for many years, has a wife and a family who are a credit both in service and in reputation and would serve us well.  There are several others who have filed for this Council Position in District 2 who are good persons and have integrity.  There is, however, at least two additional requirements which I feel are absolutely necessary as we begin the process of forming a New City.

First off the 5 persons who will become an integral part of decision making must have a vision of what our Unified City can become . . . what resources are and most of all what our people want for our City that is of general interest and necessary for our growth.  Dwayne has that vision and recognizes the resources with which he must work.  Secondly, the Council Members must have a background in Budget and Finance.

There are adequate funds to support our City and its Governance.  We do not need a Tax Increase.  The challenge for our city council & mayor will be to understand the complexity of the source of these funds and to handle them with the care and confidence the area populous has vested in them.  Dwayne Vance is the best and most proven individual to do this.  He understands budgeting and finance and has the wisdom to make those hard decisions which most assuredly will come.

For those of you who know me personally and know me from my service and exposure in the Community, I recommend Dwayne as the most qualified candidate with the social, educational background, and work experience to best serve us on the Millcreek City Council District #2..


I am a firm believer in community service.  

  • I volunteer my time as a small claims court judge in both Park City and Heber City.  
  • I have volunteered countless hours as a leader for the Boy Scouts of America for nearly 30 years.  
  • I am an active member of the Rotary Club.  
  • In my role as a lawyer I assist many non-profit organizations on a reduced fee and often a volunteer basis.
  • I provide free legal services for various individuals who have a need for legal assistance but not the means to pay for it.
  • I truly enjoy volunteering at my daughter's elementary school as part of the WatchD.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) program, and this year I am the Top Dog Coordinator for the program.
  • I have provided countless hours of volunteer service to my church, and currently One of my most favorite roles I currently I am in one of my most favorite roles as the chorister for the children in my church's primary program (for children up to 11 years old).

"I can't say enough good about Dwayne Vance.  I have worked closely with him for years and find him a man of great intelligence, wisdom, experience and talent.  He will strongly and energetically defend our interests.  His knowledge of law and real-estate make him well qualified for the task.  It is exciting for me to endorse a candidate with so much integrity and community interest."

—R. Ralph Bradley—


Max G. Worthington

former "No to Millcreek City" supporter

Why I endorse Dwayne Vance for Millcreek City Council District 2.

The great news is all the candidates who will be in the final election for Millcreek City are capable dedicated citizens of the community and we should be proud to have such a great pool to choose from.

One of the most challenging aspects of this transition into a City, will be to understand what it will take to continue the majority of great municipal services we have been use to and to improve service levels surrounding zoning and building, which hyper local control makes the most sense.

The challenge is to know exactly what to do and here is why I support Dwayne Vance for Council District 2 of Millcreek City. Some may think this is simple, just contract with who you want or get your own staff and that may well be the best solution. The newly, since last September 2015, formed Municipal Service District (MSD), which includes everything the County provides except for Police, Fire and the Wasatch District for Garbage collection, municipal services. There have been two general ways that were presented as to how the MSD *might* function; One was the County would turn over all assets and personnel to the MSD, who would then administer for the members of the MSD and contract out the services to townships and other cities, the second was that the County would retain all of the assets and they would contract to the MSD, who would be a tax and financial administrator representing the members?

Fortunately this decision, because we elected to become a city, is to be by the newly elected council and mayor. It will also require, by law, a feasibility study, which will take in the final facts and details needed to make a rational informed decision.

It is in this regard that Dwayne Vance always stood out from the beginning of his campaign. He indicated, when questioned about the MSD, that it would have to be clearly detailed and studied out before making a final decision. Other candidates have indicated they would follow (blindly?) the now unofficial vote regarding the MSD, which was only applicable if we had remained a Township and given the confusion and ambiguity of these little understood details, some not even determined yet. In a recent educational meeting on becoming a city, a woman got up and said “we have to dump the MSD because that is what I voted for and was told by so and so, to do”. That was a very scary statement to me and reflects an emotional, ill-informed position. I am not advocating one way or the other about the MSD yet, but to have responsible elected officials to both study this out in detail before making a final decision and even knowing what options exist. There certainly are clear elements that everyone wants, but the devil is in the details and Dwayne with his legal and financial background will be one to study it out thoroughly to make possibly the most crucial initial decision for the new city of Millcreek.

Rivka Richman

As the numbers keep coming in, it looks like Marchant and Vance will be heading to the election in November.

I will definitely be volunteering my time, wherever needed, to help get Millcreek up and running.  I am happy to endorse Jeff Silvestrini and Dwayne Vance for Mayor and District 2.

I have had such a wonderful experience running for office.  It was so great to meet and talk with many of the residents in District 2.  Thank you so much for all the support!  It's an exciting time to be part of Millcreek City.

​​                                                                                                                                                                             Dwayne is a candidate for                                                                                                                                  Millcreek City Council District 2


                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Vance 4 Millcreek

                                                                                                                                (435) 659-4176

                                                                                District 2

I am absolutely committed to better

communication by the Millcreek City Council

with the citizens it is supposed to be serving.

If elected, if I do not increase communication

and transparency during my first term then I

should be voted out.  The Millcreek City Council

can and should be held accountable by the

​people they are supposed to be serving.


                                                                                     Are you happy with Millcreek after incorporation?

                                                                                 I will always be interested in your opinion and input, not just

                                                                                during the election.  I will affirmatively reach out to you in

                                                                                order to seek your opinion and input.   I will promptly

                                                                                respond to comments and inquiries.  This is your community,

                                                                                and you should have a voice in how it is run.  

                                                                                                         Let me be your voice!                       

Tom Davis and Rivka Richman were both candidates for Millcreek City Council District 2

in the 2016 election and they both endorsed Dwayne Vance.